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  Welcome to The British Second Wives Club
Support, advice & friendship for Second Wives & Partners and Stepmothers.
The BSWC welcomes Second Wives from around the Globe.  Click here to find out more.

The British Second Wives Club founded in Britain in 2005 offers support, advice & friendship for Second Wives & Partners and Stepmothers worldwide.

Does he have a past? Has he been married before? Are you now a stepmother?  Did you meet him when he was still married? Being with a man who has a past can bring many different elements into your relationship - some good, some not so good and some bad.

In The BSWC you will find help, advice, comfort, friendship and support in a non-political & non-judgemental environment.  A club for you to share the good times and the bad times, find new approaches to life's little hurdles, hook up with ladies on your wave length in the forum and at local get-togethers.  The forum is very busy, friendly and totally secure. There are nearly 250,000 posts of friendship and advice from thousands of members ranging from how to deal with his ex-wife to legal and financial issues.

Have you ever felt alone, misunderstood?  The BSWC understands your situation and you'll never be alone again.  Many of The BSWC Members know what it is like living with a man with a history.  Does his past interfere with your present?  We understand what it is like to live with a man with baggage.  Often there are stepchildren thrown into the pot (through no fault of their own) which causes extra chaos. 
His Ex Wife Some ex-wives take it personally he has moved on with his life.  Sound familiar?

Bitter Ex Wife Pattern:  Is she domineering, hard-nosed, malicious and controlling?  read more

The Spiteful Ex-wife: Spite. n. grudge: lasting ill-will:hatred.  read more

Ex-wives who refuse to move on: a surprising number of ex-wives refuse to move on.  read more

We all go through stages of denial, anger, negotiation, depression and acceptance read more

Parental Alienation Many of the common symptoms of parental alienation look familiar because some alienation occurs in all divorces.  read more
Join us!  You'll meet lots of like-minded women who understand what it's like being with a man who has a past.
Picture of flowersPicture of flowersRaising funds for Charity
The BSWC is proud to support Bridges to Belarus helping children affected by the Chernobyl disaster.
We raised 150 to pay for a much needed new cooker for this family in Belarus by raffling a signed photograph of Gordon Ramsay (thank you Gordon!)
The British Second Wives Club supported Breakthrough Breast Cancer by auctioning The Gina Shoes used in the photo shoot for the cover of novel "The Second Wives Club" by Jane Moore.
We raised 320.00 which was donated to Breakthrough Breast Cancer.  Click here for details
The BSWC has been featured on:
ITV TV,  BBC TV, Channel 4,  Sky TV
BBC Radio,  The Times
Independent Radio, The Daily Mail
The Observer, The Mail on Sunday
The Sun,  The Guardian, The Sunday Post,
The Independent, Daily Record
 Sunday Express, The Metro
Red Magazine, Real Magazine
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About The BSWC:

The BSWC was formed in response for the need for a Second Wives Club to assist second wives, whether married or not, through the ups and downs of living with a man with a history!

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What Members say about The BSWC:

"I love the fact the BSWC not only helps us through difficult times with our partners and stepchildren but also gives the opportunity to talk about anything and everything (good and bad) - I can truly say that I have laughed and cried with the girls in the Club."

"I was at my wits end. I knew I couldn't be the only one having the same sort of feelings but I just didn't know anyone I could talk to and would understand."

"It's great to be able to ask advice, share experiences, have a laugh, all with women who know exactly what you mean."

"BSWC is a safe haven for me - a judgement-free zone where I can find support, guidance and great advice from a lot of wise women"

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